Fire polish beads

Fire polish beads

Fire polished beads are a form of pressed glass beads. They are high quality moulded or cut beads, which have been heated at an extremely high temperature to give very clean, glossy surfaces. The additional torch treatment melts the visible seams and rough spots on the outside of the beads and the treatment softens the facet edges. They are available in many different shapes, colours, sizes, finishes and many different coatings are also available.

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Fire polished bead sizes are commonly available in sizes from 3mm through to 22mm. Designs can be made using a single size or by making subtle beaded jewellery designs by using 3mm and 4mm beads or 5mm and 6mm together. Other designs can be obtained by changing the bead size through the range.


Fire polished bead colours are available in the full spectrum of colours. As well as the primary colours, Red, Yellow and Blue, the primary colours are mixed to produce the secondary colours, Yellow and Red producing Orange, Red and Blue producing Purple, and Blue and Yellow producing Green. The primary and secondary colours are further combined to produce the tertiary colours such as lime green, turquoise, indigo, pink, scarlet and gold.

Surface finishes

Fire polished bead can have a surface finish to give other effects.


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