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Lampwork beads

Lampwork beads are handmade glass beads made by using a torch to heat a rod of glass and spinning the resulting thread around a metal rod covered in bead release. When the base bead has been formed, other colours of glass can be added to the surface to create many designs. The bead is then fired in a kiln to anneal it to reduce the risk of it cracking and make it more durable.
Lampwork beads
Lampwork 1 Lampwork beads are often mini art masterpieces and most often used as jewellery centrepieces. Because they are painstakingly developed and executed by hand they are normally more expensive than other types of beads and the price varies according to the complexity of the finished bead.
There is a vast variety of lampwork beads available. At present we have concentrated on stocking firepolish and pressed beads to have a larger range of stock but we do stock a range of lampwork beads. The shop also shows some of the beads available from our manufacturers that we do not have in stock. If there are any that you are interested in purchasing please let me know and I will add some to our next order.
Lampwork 4