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Firepolish beads

Fire polished beads are another kind of pressed glass beads. They are made in various regular shapes with facets, either by moulding or cutting.
These high quality moulded or cut beads are then polished by glazing inside a red-hot oven. They are heated at an extremely high temperature to give very clean, glossy surfaces. Fire polish beads
Fire polish beads 2 The additional torch treatment melts the visible seams and rough spots on the outside of the beads and the treatment softens the facet edges. This gives them beautiful, glistening colours with a soft look and feel. They are available in many different shapes, colours, sizes, finishes.
Fire polished bead sizes are commonly available in sizes from 3mm through to 22mm. Designs can be made using a single size or by making subtle beaded jewellery designs by using 3mm and 4mm beads or 5mm and 6mm together. Other designs can be obtained by changing the bead size through the range.

Coatings Besides the normal shiny or matt surface finishes, fire polished beads can have many different coatings, which give a metallic or other sheen. The coating can be applied to just one side of the bead (half coated) or to the whole bead (full coated).
One of the most popular and common coatings is AB or Aurora Borealis. This finish is supposed to reflect the colours of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights and it appears as an iridescent or rainbow coating. The AB coating is applied to the bead whiles it is still hot and it is this which creates its rainbow or prism effect on the bead surface. Aurora Borealis
Metallic Coating There is also a metallic coating consisting of oxidized tin sprayed onto the fire polished bead. This gives a wonderful shimmer, great for those who like modern jewellery making.
Another coating is the vitrail coating which is a metallic coating oftain applied to one side of the bead. This reflects similar tones to the AB coating but with a metallic refection underneath. The galvanized finish is produced when a glass bead is plated with a zinc coating. Vitrail coating
Lustre (or luster) coating is a shiny finish applied to the surface of the bead. This coating is applied to transparent beads and results in a coating which is highly reflective. This finish is also incredibly popular due to its highly reflective shine. The gold lustre coating is applied again to a clear bead to give a shiny gold finish.
Matt A matte or matt coating gives a low lustre and also gives a frosted look to its surface. This transforms the beads from a transparent look to appear more translucent.
An opaque finished fire polished is one which does not transmit or reflect light. This gives a more solid looking colour.